Musang King

Mao Shan Wang, also known as Musang King, is exceptionally popular among durians enthusiasts. Musang King comes from the Malaysian state of Kelantan, which has a rich history in durian cultivation and exports. This means that they are more experienced with growing this variety than other regions around Southeast Asia.
The name musang king is inspired by Gua Musang, Malaysia’s largest fruit trade centre in Kelantan. The cultivar is also from Tanah Merah, Kelantan. The Mao Shan Wang or Musang King is one of the most popular and valued durians of all.
The most distinguishing feature of Musang King as compared to other varieties is its large size; it can grow up to ten pounds or just over four kilograms for each fruit on average! The skin colour ranges from yellow-orange to brownish red hues depending on ripeness, while the flesh is creamier and sweeter than others like D24.
Musang King or Mao Shan Wang Durian, which have thick, short spines similar to the pyramids, generally are oval to ellipsoid in shape. The colour is light green and occasionally ash-brown. The texture is rich and creamy, like a roasted marshmallow. The Mao Shan Wang’s palate feels sour with sweet undertones. It is pleasant and offers a somewhat smooth scent on the nose, but not overwhelming.

Mao Shan Wang’s flesh is a deep buttery with a golden fluorescent colour that should have a rich, sweet and, at times, bitter flavour. The flesh should be dry, creamy and can easily be lifted off the frequently undersized seed, particularly when it comes from an old tree.

Mao Shan Wang features

  • In contrast to some other durians with conical thorns, Mao Shan Wang thorns look like a tiny pyramid with flat edge sides.
  • The Mao Shan Wang is typically round or perhaps pear-shaped. Some Mao Shan Wang is shaped like a bowling ball.
  • At the foot of the stem, there converge thorns which form a bald brownish ring. At the base of the stem, there are no thorns.
  • At the base of the Mao Shan Wang, there is a distinctive brownish 5-arm starfish. The slender, lengthy arms twist the bottom of the durian to the centre of the coat as though attempting to keep the skin firmly together.
  • Musang King is prized for its sweet and creamy taste. The flesh is also meatier than other durians because the Musang King Durian has an undersized seed, which means it can contain more flesh in each fruit.
  • The size of the Musang King Durian varies from small to medium-sized; they have an average weight per fruit at about 10 pounds or around 4-5 kilograms each. They grow primarily on trees near riverside areas where there is ample rainwater supply.

Several aspects are influencing the quality of Mao Shan Wang. These include the type of plantations and the weather during the pre-season.

Due to restricted access and demand, Musang King’s prices have grown substantially over the last few years. Prices have increased by over 200 per cent in Malaysia since 2014. The cost of Musang King Durian is up to 800 per cent more in China because of high demand and small supply.

Due to significant loss in potential earnings, rising prices, and high demand, the Malaysian administration has recently made Musang King Durian production and exports a considerable focus in Agribusiness Ministries and FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority) that promotes durian globally.

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