How to Choose The Best Durian



Check Each Durian Below


1. Black Gold

Black Gold Direct Durian-min

Black gold durian is a durian that is a few grades above the popular Mao Shan Wang. The flesh of Black Gold durians has dark greyish undertones, similar to that of Black Pearl durians. It has a smooth mouthfeel with a strong buttery, bitter aftertaste.


2. Red Prawn

Red-Prawn-Durian (1)

The sticky, creamy, smooth, and fibreless flesh of red prawn durians encases tiny to medium-sized seeds. The flesh has a delicate, fruity, and somewhat bitter fermented flavour with red wine, berries, and chocolate hints. The red prawn durian is one of the most popular varieties, and it can be found at almost every durian stand.


3. Musang King

Musang King Durian Mao

Musang King or Mao Shan Wang Durian, which have thick, short spines similar to the pyramids, generally are oval to ellipsoid in shape. The colour is light green and occasionally ash-brown. The texture is rich and creamy, like a roasted marshmallow. The Mao Shan Wang’s palate feels sour with sweet undertones. It is pleasant and offers a somewhat smooth scent on the nose, but not overwhelming.


4. Golden Phoenix

golden-phoenix-durian (1)

Golden Phoenix durian has a robust flavour that is sweet with undertones of bitterness. The texture is delicate, and the seeds are tiny. The flesh is delicate and velvety, almost wet, with a pleasant, mild scent that lingers beautifully. The flavour is mostly sweet, with a bit of bitter aftertaste.


5. Black Pearl

Black-pearl-direct-durian (1)


Black Pearl Durian is a one-of-a-kind almond-shaped durian with a milky sweet flavour and tiny seeds. The Black Pearl durian is a milder variety that is somewhat bitter and milky in flavour, making it ideal for people who want a less overpowering flavour!


6. D101

D-101-Durian (1)

A genuinely lovely D101 is bitter, with no sour aftertaste. It has a pleasant scent, a pleasant zesty flavour, and that “shot up the nose” sensation. D101 durians are somewhat sweet and buttery, with sour undertones. The sweetness is not overpowering, making it ideal for people who want to taste the fruits but want something lower in calories. D101 is a popular choice among durian enthusiasts.


7. D24

D24 Durian (2)

Durian D24 is a delicacy that many get to try in their lifetime, among other types of durian. D24 Durian is the best durian for fruit lovers who enjoy a robust and aromatic flavour. D24 Durian has a more pronounced and rich taste than other varieties of durians. It is the second most preferred durian after Musang King.The most popular way to savour D24 Durian in Singapore is by eating it raw with only a pinch of salt or sugar on top if desired.


8. Black Thorn

The distinctive mark of Black Thorn durians is a thick core with a reddish brown line going through the centre, with a brilliant yellow and rosy orange colour. The flesh is creamy and dense. In comparison to Mao San Wang, the flavour is sweet and custardy, with a lighter texture.


9. XO

Xo Direct Durian

If you want your durian to be robust and bitter, XO is the durian for you. The XO durian is bitter, with a touch of alcohol flavour developed over a long period of fermentation within its shell. Durian XO’s fruit is smaller than other durians, and the flesh is thick and watery. It also has a strong odour that only good XO durians have, and it is incredibly soft to handle due to its mild wateriness.

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