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durian benefit health improvement


Durian is a fruit that has been loved and hated around the world for centuries. It’s known for its pungent smell, but also, more importantly, its health benefits! This post will discuss the positive effects of durian on your body.
The health benefits of eating durian are numerous and widespread. Durian can lower cholesterol levels, promote heart health by reducing hypertension, and help prevent cancer cells from spreading when consumed regularly. Additionally, it can aid in weight loss due to its low-calorie count and high fibre content. The great thing about all these benefits? They’re completely natural!
The people who hate durian because of its smell, flavour or texture are missing out on all the health benefits it offers. But if you’re not a fan, don’t worry! There’s plenty more fruit in the world besides just this one that can help your body stay healthy.

How to know if a durian is ripe enough

  • Durian is best eaten after it’s fully ripe- you get the most nutritional benefits when eaten ripe.
  • One way to tell that the durian is ripe enough is by smelling for its distinct fragrance. A pungent, strong smell means the durian has just reached peak ripeness and could be ready to eat within 24 hours of picking!
  • If there’s any question as to when a durian will ripen, there are plenty of ways to tell. One way is by shaking the fruit- if it’s ripe enough, you’ll hear a distinctive rattling sound in the durian’s shell.
  • Lastly, another surefire way to find out how ripe durian is would be by looking at its colour outside of its peel and skin! If the flesh around the seeds looks greenish-yellow, then that means it should ripen in about 24 hours..

Nutritional benefits of eating durian

  • Durian is rich in many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C.
  • It also contains a good amount of potassium (which helps regulate blood pressure) and calcium (essential for bone health).
  • Its high fibre content can help you feel fuller longer by slowing down digestion speed, which aids weight loss attempts. The low-calorie count lets dieters avoid the guilt that comes with other fruits or snacks!
  • When purchasing durian, make sure they are directly taken from trees instead of on the ground because they may have been bruised or damaged during harvesting, which will affect their taste and texture when eaten. Lastly but most importantly: enjoy your durian responsibly!

Again these are just some benefits that come with eating durian. If you’re not a fan of the fruit, don’t worry! There’s plenty more way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals without eating durian like: Leafy greens such as kale or spinach- Berries (especially blueberries) which are rich in antioxidants that protect cells from damage caused by toxins in our diet and environment. Whole grains for their fibre content can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Durian is an amazing and nutritious fruit with many great qualities for leading a healthier lifestyle. Eating durians will improve physical and mental health by giving our bodies what they need to be happy and healthy every day! So grab yourself some durian before someone else does because once it’s gone, there won’t be any more until next season

Enjoy your healthy body with this article on Durian Health Benefits!

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