Creative Ways To Savour The Taste Of Durian

Durian food styles and flavours


Durian is a popular Southeast Asian fruit that has gained notoriety for its pungent smell. In the durian’s native countries of Malaysia and Thailand, durians are typically sold by street vendors or in open-air markets. Durian prices vary depending on the durian variety, quality of durians, and vendor location.
The durian is a peculiar fruit. Its large, prickly skin and strong odour are enough to scare some people away – but durians also have an unforgettable taste that has earned them the title of “the king of fruits”. The durian can be eaten in many different ways: on its own as a dessert or at breakfast with cereal; mashed into ice cream; puréed and mixed up for drinks like milkshakes, smoothies, or slushes. Here are just a few ideas about how you might enjoy this unique treat!

Durian Cereal: To eat durians with cereal, first mash durians into small pieces and mix them up with milk or water, then spoon this mixture over your favourite cold cereal. Be sure to chop the leftover durian chunks for use as toppings!”

Make the durian ice cream: Freeze durians in the freezer for a few hours, then peel off their skin. Blend durian chunks with water and sugar into a smooth paste, put it through an iced slushy machine or blender to make durian milk (or use coconut milk if you prefer), remix everything and freeze until solid – voila! Durian ice cream is ready!
If you’re feeling adventurous enough to try making durian milkshakes, keep reading.

Make durian shakes: First, cut open your durians from the stem end down to the tip. Scoop out any of your favourite pieces before peeling off spikes at the top. Next, fill up your blender part-way with durian flesh, then add in the milk of your choice and sugar to taste. Blend until the durians are all chopped up but still have a slight texture left! To make durian slushes instead, pour blended durian through an iced-slushy machine or blender.

Durian is a tasty and unique fruit. For instance, durians can be eaten in many different ways – from raw durian soup to ice cream durians. Sometimes durians are cooked before eating them; sometimes, they’re blended up into drinks or frozen like ice cream. There’s no wrong way to eat durian. You can even invent your durian recipe and make it famous!

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