Black Gold Durian

Black gold durian is a durian that is a few grades above the popular Mao Shan Wang. The flesh of Black Gold durians has dark greyish undertones, similar to that of Black Pearl durians. It has a smooth mouthfeel with a strong buttery, bitter aftertaste.

The seams on the durian husks of a Black Gold durian should be dark greyish green. This indicates a mature durian tree capable of generating a complex, bitter, and exquisite flavour. The Black Gold durian dubbed the “Emperor of Durians” will provide you with a whole new mind-blowing experience. The premium durian has thick and luscious flesh with a strong liquor flavour. This is nicely balanced with chocolate, toffee, and coffee flavours.

Fans of bittersweet durians will be mesmerised by the “Black Gold” durian’s dark greyish green seams. This is what durian enthusiasts fantasize about. Durian enthusiasts would recognize the black seams as an indication of a mature durian tree capable of yielding rich, bitter, complex flavours with a musky, enticing (to some) scent.

Musan King Durians in Black Gold are an extremely exceptional grade of Musan King Durians. They are saltier and more complicated than conventional Musan King Durian. The flavour profile of Black Gold Durians leans toward the bitter. This may not be for you if you have a severe aversion to bitter foods.

Black Gold Durian Characteristics

  • It comes in a variety of sizes and has dark greyish green seams.
  • On the body, it has dark and greyish undertones.
  • The flavour is solid and buttery, with a sour aftertaste.

Mao Shan Wang’s Black Gold durians are the top of the crop! Small and odd-shaped ones are common, but a high-quality one would have noticeable dark grey seams and a stronger, bitter flavour.

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