D 101 Durian

The D101 is typically big, weighing between 2-3kg, with a pretty regular shape and five sides. The shell is generally a more deep and darker shade of green. The thorns are sharp and lengthy and have a sweet flavour and thick flesh. The seed is also regarded as tiny in size. The flesh of the D101 durian is thick and creamy, moist but not wet. When ripened under ideal conditions, they have a custard-like texture. D101 is sometimes confused for a mid-level Mao Shan Wang. For Durian fans on a tighter budget, we offer the D101 durians. They feature many of the same flavour characteristics as Musan King but in a more affordable package.

Cheaper does not mean inferior. D101 durians are an excellent alternative to Musan King durians. Please give it a go right now! Unless you buy a high-quality D101, the majority of it has a bitter aftertaste. The sourness increases as the durian deteriorate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not durian gone bad, but that’s one of D101’s qualities. This durian is a good value for money due to its high amount of flesh and, sometimes, tiny seeds. The flesh is generally a darker hue of orange, and the texture is softer than usual. Because of the suppleness of the flesh, the membrane rips effortlessly as well.

A genuinely lovely D101 is bitter, with no sour aftertaste. It has a pleasant scent, a pleasant zesty flavour, and that “shot up the nose” sensation. D101 durians are somewhat sweet and buttery, with sour undertones. The sweetness is not overpowering, making it ideal for people who want to taste the fruits but want something lower in calories. D101 is a popular choice among durian enthusiasts.

D101 durian characteristics

  • D101’s average weight ranges from 2kg to 3kg. Except for really large fruits, it seldom exceeds 2kg.
  • It has an extended form with top and bottom diameters that are generally similar.
  • In contrast to other durians, like tekka, the bottom is typically broader than the top.
  • In fact, if a durian class can be classified as entirely round, D101 is most likely the closest you can get.
  • The husk has a light green to brown colour that looks like a cross between a red shrimp and a golden phoenix.
  • However, compared to other durians with a similar colour range, the colour distribution on its exterior is generally uniform.
  • Its spikes are all over the place, seemingly pointing in all directions with no discernible patterns.
  • The thorns’ sizes can also be a combination of vast and tiny, straight and curled, fat and thin, and so on.
  • It is without a doubt one of the spikiest durians available.
  • The crown, where the spikes meet the stem, is bald and surrounded by upward spikes—the same as D24.
  • However, according to durian specialists, the most distinguishing trait of
  • D101 is its straight and stocky stem, which has a constant diameter throughout. This characteristic may be overlooked by durian newbies.
  • The seams connected at the durian’s bottom are bald and can resemble the D24, although not as absurd as musang king.
  • This durian conceals its seams admirably. However, regions on the husk with waves of thorns pointing in various ways are a sure sign of where the seam lines are.
  • For some reason, this durian is remarkably simple to open.
  • The bright golden colour of the flesh may captivate you when you pry open the fruit. Some may classify it as gold or orange. The intense brilliance of the colour tone might steal your breath away.
  • It is a wonderful example of how painters and designers depict durians in drawings.
  • In contrast to black thorn, the yellow pulp seems wrinkle-free.
  • When you bite into the divine fruitlet, you should anticipate tasting a sweetness that some people describe as candy-like. It’s a sweet durian with a bit of bitter aftertaste.
  • Some describe it as a milder variant of mao shan wang.
    Its seeds are considered big by durian standards, despite its rich, creamy flesh—Flatter and less rounded.

D101 supplies generally begin to seep into distribution channels in May and can last until early August. The price is regarded cheap, as it is significantly lower than that of musang king. Durian is frequently sold for half or two-thirds the cost of musang king.

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