Black Pearl Durian

Black Pearl Durian is a one-of-a-kind almond-shaped durian with a milky sweet flavour and tiny seeds. This is one of the priciest durians available in Singapore. The name Black Pearl describes the durian’s fruit, which has pale flesh and tiny seeds. It’s also small, having a stubby and short stem.

The Black Pearl, also known as Hei Zhen Zhu in Mandarin, is nicknamed by its light greyish-yellow colour, similar to that of a pearl. Although it is slightly bitter, it has a smooth and creamy texture, contains tiny seeds, and less meat than other durian varieties. Black Pearl contains a lot of lengthy seeds. The flesh is pale and creamy, with some slightly harder parts and a touch of bitterness.

The Black Pearl is somewhat more expensive because it is an uncommon discovery, and it doesn’t appear like much with its pale yellow skin that contains slightly dented sections. Aside from its appearance, this fruit jewel is remarkably light for a durian, with very little fibre in the flesh. It also has a familiar bitter-sweetness that makes it simple to enjoy without being intrusive. As the name implies, the Black Pearl durian is characterised by its tiny, pearl-like seeds and miniature outer husk. The Black Pearl durian is a milder variety that is somewhat bitter and milky in flavour, making it ideal for people who want a less overpowering flavour!

The peak season for this durian is similar to that of most other varieties, between the end of May and the end of July.

It has a tremendous following in Singapore. Because the most famous black pearl plantations are just across the causeway in Johor, a large portion of the supply makes its way into the city-state, where it is quickly devoured.

Characteristics of black pearl durian

  • Most black pearls do not mature to be larger than 2kg in weight. They can, however, reach that size as well. Many are small in size.
  • However, if you’re eating it as a dessert for one or two people, a smaller one could suffice.
  • This is because this is a durian with tiny flat seeds similar to musang king. In many situations, they are even smaller than the musang.
  • However, as compared to musang king, the seed shape is more rounded rather than flat.
  • This adorable spherical seed is what earned it the trendy nickname “black pearl.”
  • The entire fruit has an unexpected external shape that can range from utterly uneven to the oval shape of a rugby ball.
  • It has big spikes that are evenly spaced from the bottom to the top.
  • However, approximately three-quarters of the way up from the bottom to the top stem, the spikes become smaller and more closely placed together.
  • The rim, which refers to the area where the spikes meet the short stem, is slightly bald and flat, like musang king, but not curved like tekka.
  • You will be welcomed by an exceptionally pale fruitlet after you pry open the stocky fruit to expose its hidden mysteries. So much so that it might appear to be dead.
  • The hue is frequently characterised as white, grey, pale yellow, or even frosted.
  • This is undoubtedly one for people with refined tastes.

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