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Directdurian is a one-stop solution for people looking to get their hands on the best durians in Singapore without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Our goal is to provide customers with quality and freshness that they can’t find elsewhere. We are committed to delivering only the finest quality products while maintaining your convenience and satisfaction as our number one priority.
Durians are available for purchase on our website and delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes of ordering. With many years of experience in durian farming, we have developed a unique understanding of how to select, harvest, pack and deliver fresh durians – ensuring you will enjoy every bite!

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Top 9 Durians

We bring in only the best durians from Singapore. Order your durians online and collect them at our store.

Why Us

Durian is a delicious fruit that many Singaporeans love, but it’s hard to get durians delivered because of the high demand.
We want our customers to be able to enjoy fresh durians anytime they want! That’s why we’re working on making sure you can get your favourite fruit delivered within 60 minutes.
Our team of experienced delivery drivers are ready and waiting for your order 24/7. We also have an accessible website where you can place orders quickly and easily online. You won’t have to go out to get your taste of durian; you can relax at the comfort of your home while we deliver it at your doorstep.

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Great Service!

When it comes to picking a good durian, there’s nothing like freshness offered at Directdurian. Every single one of their products is handpicked by experienced farmers before delivering it to us. Me and my family savoured each durian during our movie night at home.


Tim Boon


I was able to order from their website with just a few clicks of a button, so there is no need to wait in line at the store anymore. With their express delivery options, I was able to get my hands on some delicious durians within an hour.

Zheng Lin


I’m really impressed by the durian packaging style and customer service at Directdurian. I got my black pearl durian delivered in a premium package and the freshness of the fruit was better than most durian street vendors.

July Wood

Quick Delivery!

I don’t trust durian vendors online since we can’t see the durian and comment on its freshness. Ordering durians online is a guess work and I leave it to fate to get exactly what I ordered. However, directdurian changed my perspective with their quick delivery service and fresh quality durians; especially their Musang king is the best online.

Dong Mei

Quality Durians!

With online durian services gaining attention in the past few years, Directdurian is my go to website when I want to enjoy a delicious durian at home after a hard day’s work. The durians from Directdurian never fails my expectations.

Troy Grey

Popular Durian Categories

I have the option to choose any of the popular durians in Singapore with the click of a button. I am a durian enthusiast and I love to try out different durians while I work from home. The XO durian and Musang king from Directdurian are my most ordered durians.

Kuai hua

Experience the Taste of Durian

Experience the popular types of durian prevalent in Singapore. From the Musang king to the Red Prawn durian, get the best quality delivered at your doorstep.

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Direct Durian Quality

Experience the Taste of Durian

Durian also known as the king of fruits, is a popular delicacy native to South East Asia. Sought after for its pungent smell and bittersweet taste, the durian is the signature produce at Directdurain

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